Adventures for Adventurers

Summer Wrapup

Eleri, the human ranger, left her forest home to seek adventure. She boarded a ship bound for Dragonport, whereafter she planned to make her way to Dulcimer, capitol of the Great Kingdoms.

The ship was attacked by pirates. With the help of Azilind, a half-elven sorcerer from the Arcanium Brotherhood, Nydarelle, a human fighter recently withdrawn from the Royal Military Academy, and Tirameth, a goodly halfling cleric, the attack was repelled. The ship, however, sustained some damage and the captain put into port at the town of Seawell to make repairs.

The repairs were expected to take longer than would be normal due to two problems the town is facing. First, several ships have disappeared recently. The mayor did not suspect pirates, but now she is worried. Second, recently there has been fear of an attack by the lizardfolk who live in the glades of the peninsula. The mayor thinks the lizardfolk might have something to do with the missing ships, and in particular is worried that they may have attacked the lighthouse keeper, but can’t send any soldiers to investigate because the town’s safety is the first priority.

Eleri agreed to investigate the lighthouse, and the mayor has offered a small reward when she reports back. Nydarelle decides to join the party, despite being rejected by the town guard and the mayor, because she believes it is her duty to assist the Kingdom’s vassals. Azilind has joined in the hopes of investigating lizardfolk first-hand, as such field research would gain him a bounty when he reports to his order. Tirameth joins because it sounds like fun.

The group hired a guide to take them through the glades, a wise decision as it turned out. They decided to make a slight detour to visit a druid of the glades, named Gallaria, in hopes she can tell them about the lizardfolk in the area and whether they might be behind an attack on the lighthouse or the lost ships.

We left the party as they approached Gallaria’s hut in the middle of the glades.



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